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IICRC      is the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification

At DRC we are proud to have three of our crew attain Certification as IICRC Triple Master

What's a Triple Master?

What is an IICRC triple master?

IICRC 'Master' Certification is recognition of the successful completion of a specific track of IICRC courses. The IICRC offers 3 main 'Master' certification course tracks. Master Textile, Master Water, & Master Fire & Smoke. Successfully completing all 3 Master tracks gives you 'Triple Master' status.

Meet Our Triple Masters

At DRC we are always training to serve you better!

Desert Rose CAT IICRC Triple Master Spotlight

At DRC we are always training to serve you better!

About IICRC Certified Firms:

Certification of a firm provides concrete evidence to clients that the company is staffed with people who know what they are doing and that the firm conducts business to an IICRC-standard set of ethical business practices and standards. IICRC stands for the highest standard of excellence in certification.

Although a lot of technicians become IICRC certified in basic techniques and stop there, three master certification paths – textile cleaning, fire and smoke restoration and water restoration – journeyman and master designations are reserved for those who truly developed their skills. Master Water Restorer, Master Textile Cleaner and Master Fire & Smoke Restorer are highest “graduate degrees” in our industry.

All master certifications must be achieved over a minimum of three years so classroom learning and certification is combined with real hands-on work work. The IICRC Master status is the highest technical certification in the industry.

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